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贵州11先5开奖结果:Connect Groups

Find a Connect Group: Groups Directory

贵州十一选五开奖走势图 By joining a group in the Connect community, you have the ability to engage in online or in person conversations with fellow Symantec product users and stay up to date on current news and events.

Join a Connect Group

How do I become a member of a group?

  1. Register or log into Symantec Connect
  2. Navigate to the page of the Connect group you wish to join
  3. Click on the green "Request Membership" button

Your request will be reviewed and approved within 5 business days.

User Groups

Symantec User Groups make it easy for customers, partners, and Symantec employee experts to collaborate in person.

Attend a Meeting

To find an in-person User Group event, you can:

  • Select the User tab under the Browse all groups heading in the Groups Directory, then choose from the list of User Groups. OR
  • Look through the calendar for upcoming User Group Events: Calendar

Why participate?

There are many benefits for participating in the groups. Some of them include the opportunity to: 

  • Engage in conversations around best practices (peer to peer collaboration)
  • Find answers and solutions to challenges from experts
  • Receive thought leadership, roadmaps and current information on Symantec services, solutions, and products 
  • Strengthen business opportunities by increasing skills, knowledge, and building relationships with peers
  • Access to Symantec teams on request  
  • Earn Connect points and redeem for prizes 
  • Enjoy free food!

Need more information about User Groups?  Contact the Symantec User Groups Program Team

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