Be Confident It’s Confidential

To have confidence in your brand, customers need to know they can trust you with their information. Symantec Drive Encryption scrambles your confidential data so it looks like nonsense to unauthorized users. Our consistent protection covers your desktops, servers, data – and your reputation.

Save time. Save money. Stay protected.

Enjoy premium protection and convenience without the added time and cost of adding IT resources. Symantec Drive Encryption prevent lockouts with multiple recovery options to get your users up and running while keeping your data safe.

Security Without Sacrifice

Symantec Drive Encryption gives you out-of-the-box compliance reports. We make following the rules and reporting to stakeholders quick and easy. Enjoy the flexibility of a mobile workforce without sacrificing security – or compliance.

Outsmart the Cybercriminals.
Protect Your Business and Its Brand.


Half of all small businesses experience cyber attacks. That doesn’t have to be you. Our Drive Encryption protects your customers, employees, reputation and bottom line. Drive Encryption makes your confidential information unreadable to any unauthorized users and can be used with or without a management server. In the event of a breach, you'll have reports to prove your systems were protected.

Drive Encryption Features

Sector-by-sector drive encryption for maximum protection
Single-Sign-On (SSO) support eliminates multiple password inputs
Multiple recovery options include help-desk support and single use tokens
Automatic encryption – no user action needed
Allows admins to comply with privacy regulations
Runs in the background – no work disruptions
Broad platform support – encrypts on machines using Windows, macOS or Linux operating systems

Supported Operating Systems

Browser Support
Operating System
Internet Explorer
Windows Server
Mac OS

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Drive Encryption

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