The only thing faster than a Formula 1 car is its data.

贵州十一选五开奖走势图 The Williams Martini Racing team has relied on speed and innovation to protect their dominant position on the F1 circuit for 40 years. They rely on Symantec to protect their data and reputation.

At full pelt the fuel pump delivers fuel at a greater rate than your domestic tap does water

Six hundred team members protect the driver.
Symantec protects everything else.

More than 150 sensors on car measure thousands of parameters in real time. Symantec keeps all of this data safe and secure for Williams F1.

During race weekend, the team generates over 140GB of data in real-time analytics and video. Keeping the data confidential and 100% available enables rapid decision making, which can be the difference between the chequered flag and losing.

The driver makes hundreds of tweaks to the car every lap. Car telemetry travels to race HQ, is then modeled for optimal performance, and sent back trackside, all in real time. Settings are then radioed to the driver. Symantec protects the data, wherever it is.

When it comes to reliability and security, ‘good enough’ isn’t. Only 100% reliability and security is acceptable. A tall order when your data center moves every other week for the whole race season.

1,500 channels of data are captured every second the car is on the track—80GB of data per race. Data that can’t fall into the wrong hands.

Considering the varying backgrounds of Williams Martini’s super-talented staff, the best way to reduce cyber security risks among crew and team members is to ensure malware, phishing, and hacks don’t even reach employees’ inboxes.


How Symantec Protects Williams.

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  • Keeping Williams Martini Racing SecureView
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  • Q&A with Williams Martini Racing CIO Graeme HacklandView
  • Symantec and Williams Martini Racing – Data in the Fast LaneView

The perfect flow.

Aerodynamics separates the winners from the losers. It is the most critical telemetry streaming from the car, and the most important to keep secure.

Fanatical devotion to data.

In F1, you either innovate or go to the back of the grid. 80GB of data streams off the car during a race. And we keep every single byte secure to optimize performance.

Secure devices in pit lane and trackside.

Laptops monitor and control F1 cars. They can remotely adjust controls on the fly, from aero to gearbox. It’s why Symantec protects every Williams Martini Racing laptop and device.

Protect the data that protects the tires.

Tire performance is both art and science, a dance between data and driver preference. Every detail—inventory, temperature, wear, and pressure—is critical data to monitor and protect.

Onboard cameras accelerate learning.

When analyzing video, faster is better. Symantec ensures all race data is kept confidential and 100% available to enable rapid decision making.

At Williams, Reputation is everything.

Williams uses Symantec to secure their data, proprietary information, and championship-winning reputation.
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The Bike’s name is Supernova.

Williams Advanced Engineering created the carbon fiber recumbent bike Karen Darke rode for a Gold Medal at the 2016 Paralympics.
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Innovation is in our DNA.

Symantec protects the intellectual property of Williams and its clients, from on-track advancements to industry applications.
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During an F1 race a driver will experience up to 5G under braking and cornering the car can go from its top speed of 300km/h+ to a standstill in 3 seconds

Williams Advanced Engineering

F1 innovation in your hands.

Williams Advanced Engineering applies its innovative race technology to industries such as public transit, health care, aerospace, energy, and automotive, including high-performance battery technology, kinetic energy recovery systems (KERS), and carbon fiber technology.

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Williams Advanced Engineering

Blank page to 007 in 12 weeks.

Williams Advanced Engineering partnered with Jaguar to create the revolutionary C-X75 hybrid supercar. When tasked with adapting the car for the James Bond film Spectre, WAE went from blank page to rolling off the production line in only twelve weeks.

C-X75 C-X75 Spectre
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C-X75 C-X75 Spectre
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